What to watch out for in the second quarter of 2018

I n December, I bought my first Netflix.I’m glad I did.It’s a smart investment: Netflix has been in a steady decline for years, and its market cap is around $2.5 trillion.But it has been growing.Netflix, which makes movies and shows like House of Cards, has become a critical part of our lives, a crucial tool […]

How did the first bank become the world’s largest in 18 months?

In January 1882, the first major bank was established in London by British bankers, and it was the first of many banks to open in the UK, following the Great Crash of 1873.In its first two years, London’s first branch opened in January 1885 and the Bank of England opened its first branch in December […]

How Amazon’s ‘Green Dot’ bank works: A simple example

Posted November 04, 2018 08:17:17 The Green Dot bank was a concept by the Indian government to help small and medium-sized businesses.Amazon’s “green dot” bank is a simple example of how Amazon is using the concept to help customers and businesses.The bank uses an Amazon debit card to make payments to a customer.Amazon has set […]

Why the U.S. is now experiencing the first wave of the Great Recession

A few weeks ago, I was at a conference in New York.It was called the Future of Financial Markets Conference.I had attended a number of similar conferences in the past few years, and I’d seen the same kind of thing happen.It happened all over the place.There were big banks, there were big savings banks, and […]

How to get your money back after a payday – with cashback offers

The sport of hunting is a big business in New Zealand, and as much as it’s a cash-rich industry, many of its players get the occasional cheque.In many cases, however, you can expect to be asked to fork out up to a whopping $100 or more for the privilege of hunting.But when it comes to […]

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