How to get more money out of your bank account when you have a new bank account

The best thing about the Citizens Bank of Canada is that you can open a bank account and deposit as much money as you like without ever needing to worry about having it overdrawn.But there’s one thing you’ll have to do to get the cash flowing and a bank statement to keep track of your […]

How did this banking crisis end for Suntrust Bank and Bank of America?

The bank and the other two big banks have agreed to pay more than $4 billion to settle their criminal charges.Suntrust, which had more than 800,000 customers as of October, had already agreed to repay $3.5 billion to customers.Bank of Americans agreed to settle charges of misleading customers, money laundering, failing to pay taxes, and […]

How to Save Your Money in Midwestern States

The US is home to more than a billion people.There are nearly a million banks and more than 10,000 credit unions, and tens of thousands of smaller banks that operate out of their own branches.It’s also home to roughly 100 million consumers, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet.But the state of the […]

Bankers urge US to delay credit cuts

Banks are warning US President Donald Trump not to rush to slash credit standards as the US Federal Reserve prepares to boost its benchmark rate this week.“I think that we are going to see the US government start to slow down its rate increase, and I think it will be slow and steady over the […]

How Google’s search engine got its start: ‘There’s no doubt that search engine results have an impact’

Google has a long history of launching new products and services.For instance, in the 1990s, Google launched its own version of the search engine, company eventually spun off the search business, Google, Inc., into its own company in 2000.In 2000, Google announced a new type of search, search engine ads.Ads are used by advertisers […]

Why you shouldn’t bet on Santander Bank

By Michael Krieger/UPI | May 11, 2018 10:39:03When it comes to the NFL’s futures, Santander is one of the big dogs.And when it comes down to betting on the Chicago Bears’ upcoming home opener, the bank might be the biggest one on the block.A new poll shows the bank has the biggest bet in Chicago […]

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