When your bank will be your best friend

When your personal information gets hacked, your bank is likely to be at the top of the list.In the event that your bank gets hacked and your financial details are exposed, the bank could be the most likely to assist you in accessing your funds.The latest news surrounding banks and personal information breach investigations is […]

When a Bank’s Number Is on a Wire

Bank routing number (BNN) numbers are usually shown in a blue or yellow bar.You can see the bank’s location on a map and can see how many people are using that bank in your area.However, there are some banks that are required to show the routing number on their web site.If you are using a […]

How to pay for the bank holiday midfirst

Banking holiday midyear is about to kick off again, so it’s time to make sure you’re prepared to spend some money.Here are five tips to help you out.1.Save money before midyear 2.Save for the best part of 2018 3.Save your money for the holiday period, not just the Christmas period 1.Save the most on midyear […]

The Bank of Texas, the biggest bank in the U.S., is getting $2.7 billion to refinance its $4.7 trillion portfolio

The biggest U. S. bank is getting a $2 billion infusion of cash to refile its $5.4 trillion portfolio.That will help the bank reduce the size of its balance sheet, according to the bank’s financial statements, which are posted online.The Bank is one of the biggest U,S.banks.The $2-billion investment will allow the bank to reframe […]

What to watch out for in the second quarter of 2018

I n December, I bought my first Netflix.I’m glad I did.It’s a smart investment: Netflix has been in a steady decline for years, and its market cap is around $2.5 trillion.But it has been growing.Netflix, which makes movies and shows like House of Cards, has become a critical part of our lives, a crucial tool […]

‘Fraudsters’ use ‘frauds’ to get a loan from banks

The federal government is investigating a practice of fraudulent lenders and mortgage brokers that helped drive up home prices, according to the Office of the Inspector General.The inspector general’s office found that mortgage brokers and servicers used a series of tactics to defraud borrowers in the wake of the financial crisis.The watchdog office said that […]

How did the first bank become the world’s largest in 18 months?

In January 1882, the first major bank was established in London by British bankers, and it was the first of many banks to open in the UK, following the Great Crash of 1873.In its first two years, London’s first branch opened in January 1885 and the Bank of England opened its first branch in December […]

How to get a free ARvest Bank Holiday (or any other free bank holiday)

I’ve just been lucky enough to get my hands on a free bank Holiday card for my bank account this morning.As I said in my previous article, I had to wait until Monday to get this card, so it wasn’t a perfect storm.But the good news is that I was able to get one in […]

‘We will never lose’ to new PNC online banking service

On Monday evening, the online banking giant announced that it would be introducing its PNC Online Banking service in the UK, the US and Canada.PNC has previously said that it intends to open its online banking in Europe and the Americas as well as Asia by the end of the year.The launch of the service […]

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