When it comes to the future of the US military, Donald Trump may have one of the toughest jobs in the world

Donald Trump’s administration has taken a lot of heat over the past week, but the president’s decision to remove the US from the Paris climate accord is certainly the most controversial in recent memory. It’s a policy that’s also controversial within his own party, with many Republicans questioning whether Trump’s decision is good for the country […]

Merrick Bank to pay $2.5 million to victims of fraud

Merrick bank will pay $1.5m to victims, with another $2m to come in the next two months, after it admitted it had misled investors about the state of its bank.Key points:The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has said the bank should have reported a “material” breach in May 2017When the bank reported a serious […]

Chime bank in a big way for cashless transactions

The Rs 1,500 crore Chime Bank, set up in partnership with Reliance Jio, is set to be the first bank in the country to accept cash payments from customers.Chime Bank will allow people to deposit cash at the bank and withdraw it as they want at their convenience.The bank will also offer a mobile banking […]

Banks to keep ‘slightly elevated’ cash rates until mid-January

Banks are expected to keep “slightly” elevated cash rates through mid-December as they wait for the Federal Reserve to take action on a new round of quantitative easing.Key points:The central bank has said it would like to have more time to consider its policy responsesThis could be before the end of the yearIt could lead […]

How to set up a bank account online with SunTrust Bank

The first step is to sign up for an account.There are several ways to do this online: bank apps, smartphone applications, online banking websites.There’s also a web interface, which you can use to login and view your accounts balance, account information, and your balances history.You can check your balance on a particular bank website and […]

The Sunflower Bank routing number for the Bahamas

The Sunflowers banking relationship with the Bahamas is being reviewed following an audit of the company’s routing number.A Globe and Mail investigation found the Sunflower bank had used a routing number that did not match that of the Bahamas bank it served.The bank used the same number for two other Bahamas banks.The Sun Flower bank […]

How to get the most out of your bank account

It can feel like you’re being robbed, but there are still ways to get a steal from your bank.We looked at the ways people spend money from their bank accounts, the most commonly used and least convenient ways to do so, and what to do if you have an issue with someone spending your money.1.Use […]

Bank of Colorado bank is a white dude’s bank

Hacker News article Bank of the United States Bank of Colorado is a black dude’s banking institution, but it is a bank that serves the needs of the white man.A white bank that provides service to the white community is an important part of the history of banking in the United Sates.The Bank of California […]

Centennial Bank to become Synovus Bank

SynovosBank has been renamed CentennialBank to reflect its acquisition of Centennial Credit Union in 2017.The bank will become Synodbank.SynovoBank will be led by former Synovs bank chairman and CEO Stephen Moulton, and will be headquartered in Sydney.Synod Bank will be headed by former Australian Federal Treasurer Michael McCormack.SynoBank, which has assets of $1.1 billion, has […]

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