USAA, the USAA bank in the UK, is opening its first convenience account to support the UK’s National Savings and Investments Authority (NSIA). 

The account is being launched on Friday at USAA’s branch in Luton and the account will be available to UK customers starting from 1st January. 

The bank said: This is a new and exciting opportunity for USAA to provide customers with the opportunity to make use of the UK Savings and Investment Authority’s (NSI) savings account. 

This account is designed to give USAA members a more convenient way to access savings and invest with the UK Government’s National Investments Strategy (NIS) programme. 

NSI is the Government’s investment strategy to help support the development of the economy, stimulate business and create a brighter future. 

USAA members have a choice of four savings accounts, as well as the National Savings Account. 

To open the account, customers must have a UK bank account, or a British passport or other valid UK national identity card. 

They can also be linked to a USAA debit card.

The accounts will be open from 12:00am to 12:30am, and they will be charged a flat rate of £2.50 per day until 3pm, or an annual fee of £3.50.

It will be possible to deposit and withdraw money between 1st and 15th January.