A study by The Economist shows that brand loyalty is far from universal, with consumers’ preferences varying depending on which brand they trust the most.

The study also showed that consumers have differing expectations of which brands are the most trustworthy.

The Economist’s latest findings are based on data from more than 1.3 million people who answered a survey from the Brand Loyalty Index.

A total of 8,848 brands were identified as trusted by respondents, which means they were the most trusted brand in the survey.

The brands who were most trusted were: Amazon, Apple, Coca-Cola, Amazon.com, Microsoft, McDonalds, Microsoft (MSP), Microsoft (MSFT), PepsiCo, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, and Wal-mart (WMT).

However, the brands with the most negative reviews were: Apple, Apple (Sprint), Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Adidas, Amazon, Adidas, BMW, Best Buy, Chevrolet, Chevrolet (CVKA), Comcast (CMCSA), Dell, Google, Google (NASdaq: GOOG), Hewlett-Packard, IBM, IBM (NYSE: IBM), Kroger, Microsoft Corp., Microsoft (NASQ: MSFT), Nike, Oracle (NAS: NOV), P&G, Qualcomm, Roku, Samsung, Target, and Verizon Wireless.

The most trusted brands were: Bank of America, BestBuy, Caterpillar, CVS, Darden Restaurants, FedEx, Verizon Wireless, and Target (T-Mobile). 

The survey also asked respondents about the type of brand they purchased.

The top-selling brands were Amazon, Coca Cola, PepsiCo and Target.

Consumers were also asked to rate the loyalty of the brand’s advertising.

Consumers rated brands with more negative reviews as less trustworthy. 

The brand loyalty survey was conducted online, using a combination of face-to-face interviews and online survey responses.

It has been conducted annually since 2007, and the survey has been shown to be reliable. 

A full version of the Brand Loyalty Index is available here: https://www.economist.com/sites/default/files/reports/economy/2016/05/study-reveals-why-consumers-trust-t-mobile-amazon.pdf#ixzz2jQ6b3VgA Read more: Amazon, Coca Coke, Apple and Apple (MBS) dominate, but their customer satisfaction is still low. 

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