I’ve been looking forward to the next few days.

I’m tired.

I feel like I need to do something, and then I’m like, ‘No, I can’t.’

So now I just have to sleep.

I wake up every day and I think, ‘I should be doing something.’

I want to get up and do something.

And then I get up every morning and do it.

Then I get to bed at 3:30 a.m.

And it’s not just me, but all the people that work here are so excited, and I’m just so tired.

And I’m hoping that when I’m finished, I won’t have to do anything.

I don’t have anything left to do.

I can just be like, you know, relax.

But I think that’s what I need, I need a rest, because I’m in so much pain.

I was like, I’m going to be home at 6 a.me, 6:30, 7 a.s.

I woke up at 7 a, I went out to lunch, and we went to my bedroom and did my last meal.

And after that I slept in my room, and just relaxed.

And that was the last thing that I ever did.

I just kind of went out there and just got to bed.

I felt like I needed to do that.

But then I woke my mom up and told her, I just need to sleep and relax.

And she said, oh, no, you need to be careful, because you know what?

You have to be more careful because you’re going to have to go back to work.

And so she just said, okay, I think I need you to go do some chores.

And, you never know, we might be in the same place.

So we went downstairs and I took off my shirt and went to the kitchen.

And when I was there, I saw my mom’s kitchen.

It was so dark.

I thought, oh my god, it’s dark, it smells so bad, it really is dark, and it was so cold.

And my mom just came out and said, ‘Where’s your shirt?’ and I just said I’m not wearing my shirt, and she was like oh, well, I didn’t see you, and my mom said, you’re just wearing that shirt, right?

And I said, yeah, but I’m gonna put it on.

And we just walked around.

And at that point, I said I want my mom to come up to my house, and after I walked around the kitchen, she came back, and said I just had to get my shirt on.

So she went to get her shirt, but it was all messed up, so she had to take it off, and so I was really upset.

I told her what happened, and what happened was she had just come in, and the room was like a mess, and there was blood all over the room.

And her clothes were all stained, so I called the police, and they went in, got my mom, and took her clothes off, so we got everything else off.

I said ‘I’ve got to go get my shirts, my pants, my shoes, everything, and get dressed, and go home,’ and I went home, and did it, and went back out to work, and got dressed and got home.

And the next day, I had to go home, because my mom and dad had to come in.

And they had to leave a couple of days before the next one.

And their clothes were still on, and that was a bit of a shock.

They had to do some housework for the rest of the week, and now I had some clothes that were stained.

And this was the third time in three days, I was going to come home, my clothes were stained, I’d have to wear them, and to do it for the whole week, that was just a lot of stress for me, so it was very tough for me.

And one of the things that I thought about when I saw them that day was, you really do have to think about the long term consequences of not being able to come back, you have to plan ahead and get ready.

And having the money, having the clothes, being able, you can just imagine how much it would mean to me to go out and have some fun, and do things like that, but not to be able to go and do that for the next four years.

And just to be honest, you could say that I have never been happier.

And thank God that my mom is here.

And because she’s not home, I could go home with her.

And even though it was tough, she was just such a great mom, so much love, and even though