I had a great talk with bitcoin expert and Bitcoin Magazine columnist, Mark Karpeles.

In our talk we discussed some of the challenges we face in trying to understand bitcoin’s future.

If you like to learn more about cryptocurrencies, I highly recommend reading his book “Cryptoomics: The Definitive Guide”. 

Mark Karpels books include: The Digital Black Book: Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Future of Money (Wiley), The Blockchain Revolution: What’s New in Bitcoin, Digital Money and the New Economy (Alfred A. Knopf), The Future of Digital Money (Random House) and more.

Mark also wrote the book, Bitcoin: What Every Investor Needs to Know (Abingdon). 

You can check out Mark’s latest Bitcoin column at Bitcoin Magazine. 

We’ve seen some major developments in the Bitcoin economy.

What do you think about these developments?

Let us know in the comments section below. 

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