The Apple bank is getting its own account.

It’s a move that will bring Apple bank more in line with the banks and companies that are working on their own mobile banking apps.

Apple’s banking app, Apple Pay, has been available in the US for a few years now.

Apple has been making its own bank apps available for Android and iOS, but the Apple Bank app will bring an iPhone-style mobile banking experience to its own mobile apps.

The new Apple Bank is an iPhone 5 and iOS 11 app, according to Apple, which says that it will have its own customer interface.

The app will also have its name and login information on the front page of the app.

Apple Pay will be supported by a mobile app, but Apple says that the service will be “powered by a combination of your iPhone and Apple Pay.”

The app is not available on the iOS app store, which Apple said is still under development.

Apple will continue to provide its banking app on the Apple Watch, which it launched in September.

Apple Watch is available for $150 and is the first wearable to support Apple Pay.

Apple Bank’s new bank will be a bit like the Apple Pay app on Android and it will include a “tap and go” account sign-in experience.

You can access your account on your watch, and you can access all of your accounts on your phone.