The U.N. Security Council said Tuesday that North Korea’s ballistic missile launches are the biggest threat to global security since the Cold War.

The U .

N. says the North is testing missiles that can carry nuclear warheads.

The latest launches by North Korea came a day after it conducted another test of a long-range rocket that could have carried a nuclear warhead.

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May says Britain has been warned of a potential attack on Britain.

The United States said it has not detected any significant changes in the North’s ability to develop and deploy ballistic missiles.

But it said that as the country continues to develop its missile technology, it will continue to be concerned.

The statement was the latest in a series of announcements by the U.T.S., an agency that provides assessments of the security environment around the world.

UTS said it had identified six potential threats: A state actor, who might be seeking to use its ballistic missiles for military purposes or covert actions, or a state actor using ballistic missiles to threaten U. S. allies and the U .



A state party or actor that seeks to undermine U. N. Security Committee resolutions, or undermine the effectiveness of U. n.

Security and Economic Committee resolutions on ballistic missile proliferation.

A country or state actor that uses ballistic missiles in the commission of an attack against a U. s.

Government, the U S. Government or other U. A.

S .

Government agency.

A third-party country that has significant capabilities to attack a U .

S. facility.

A terrorist group, including al-Qaida or its affiliates.

A government that has a nuclear weapon or ballistic missile program, or seeks to acquire nuclear weapons.

North Korea has previously tested long-ranged missiles.

The council said in a statement Tuesday that “North Korea continues to threaten the security of its neighbors, and we have no confidence that the North will cease its dangerous and provocative behavior.

In addition, it is important that North Korean leaders do not gain a competitive advantage through their actions.

North Korean missile tests and nuclear tests have raised international alarm and have prompted numerous United Nations Security Council resolutions that have imposed sanctions on the North.

Uts defense ministry said Tuesday in a report that North Koreans could launch long- range missiles that could reach Alaska.

North Koreans have tested long range missiles in recent years.

In April 2017, the North tested a long range rocket.

It has also tested long and medium-range rockets, including one last year that reached the Sea of Japan.

Uss said Tuesday North Korea continues its nuclear program.

The missile launches this week came after the U U. U .

signed a deal to halt its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Ubs defense ministry did not provide further details on the agreement, but U.U. President Donald Trump and the Japanese government said they are close to a deal on North Korea that will freeze the countrys nuclear program for 10 years and allow it to resume talks with the international community.

Uds nuclear weapons capabilities could be used to launch nuclear missiles, Uts government said in its statement.

Uins leaders have said they believe they are pursuing the best interests of the Uss people.

Uls nuclear capabilities could also be used for military targets, it said.