Canandaiguas bank has been the target of the recent ransomware attacks, with many of its customers in the United States and Europe having reported being contacted by criminals claiming to be using the bank to obtain money.

According to CitBank, the attacks have affected over 2,500 of its clients in the US and its Caribbean region.

The bank said that the attacks came as a result of a breach of a data breach at its online banking platform.

CitBank said in a statement on Monday that its financial and security team has been working to resolve the issue.

However, the bank’s CEO, Thomas Leventhal, also said that his company had identified two other cyber breaches at the bank in the past year.

The bank said it has since resolved the cyber breach, while the second was unrelated to the ransomware attack.

Leventhal did not reveal which of the two attacks was unrelated, but the bank said the two are unrelated.

A spokesperson for the bank told CNBC on Monday: “We are aware of two other attacks at CitBank.

We have a team of highly skilled cybersecurity professionals on site and are actively working with them.”

The bank’s spokesperson also said: “The CitBank team has a long history of developing robust, scalable cyber defences, which includes cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability management, and advanced risk management.”

“As such, we will continue to build out our cyber defences to protect our customers and our systems and services.”

The company added: “As always, CitBank’s team of experts will be working to address the latest cyber threats to ensure that our customers’ money is safe and secure.”

Cit Bank has not yet released details of the cyber breaches.

The cyber attacks are the latest in a string of attacks on the banks of various countries in recent months.

The latest attack comes as the European Union is preparing to launch a national cyber strategy that will include cyber threats from North Korea, China and Russia.