A few hours after she walked into a Wells Fargo bank, a man stepped out of a car and offered to give her a ride home.

He’d been waiting for her since she got home from work the night before.

“It was kind of creepy.

I don’t know if he wanted me to say anything, but I wasn’t going to be scared,” she said.

She was also not comfortable talking about it.

Her boyfriend was a few blocks away, so she told him the story to ease his fears.

“He said he’d been driving home when he saw me walk into the bank.

I was like, ‘Are you serious?

I’ve never seen you in here,'” she said, explaining that he said he was heading to work.”

I was kind and polite.

I never even asked him to get out of the car.

I just kept saying, ‘Thank you,'” she continued.

But then he drove off.

He never showed up.

“When I got home I was completely shocked.

I wasn`t expecting this to happen.

It was kind, but it was scary,” she continued, adding that she never wanted to go back.”

As I went through the doors, I was thinking about how he did this and how he should have known better than to get in my way,” she explained.”

This is why I can`t be with my boyfriend, because I have no idea how to handle this.”

The man who offered to take her home told her he was a friend of his.

“At first, I didn’t believe it.

Then I realized that I have to do something about it,” she wrote.

She decided to talk to Wells Fargo, but the bank told her that it would be impossible to get an account opened.

She called a friend who works at a Wells branch and asked if they could help.

The friend said they could give her an account, but she was also going to have to get her driver’s license.

She told him she was going to call the police, but he was already on his way to work and wouldn’t come.

“The cops came, but they were only there for a short time,” she recounted.

“They said that I couldn`t go home, but after I told them my story, they were like, `Oh, well, we will get it fixed,'” she wrote, adding she thought the police might have helped her friend.

The bank contacted Fargo, who has been working with the Fargo Police Department on the case.

We spoke with Fargo police Chief Joe Fusco about the incident.

He said there have been reports of bank robbers in Fargo doing this in the past.

Fresco said the Fargo police do not believe the bank is aware of any other instances where a man has offered to walk a woman home in exchange for a ride.

“There is nothing to indicate that there has been a criminal activity that involves this type of transaction,” he said.

He added that the department is working with other police departments in Fargo to investigate.

“We are working to investigate these cases,” Fuscom said.