Posted November 04, 2018 08:17:17 The Green Dot bank was a concept by the Indian government to help small and medium-sized businesses.

Amazon’s “green dot” bank is a simple example of how Amazon is using the concept to help customers and businesses.

The bank uses an Amazon debit card to make payments to a customer.

Amazon has set up an online banking platform called “green dots” that enables customers to transfer funds to other customers in the bank.

A customer can make payments on the platform using a debit card, a credit card or a smartphone.

A transaction takes 30 seconds.

The Green dot bank can also accept cash and check payments, making it a convenient option for smaller businesses and small households.

The first bank in India, the bank is part of the government’s “Green Dot” initiative to provide affordable and high-quality services to the poor.

Amazon Prime Now offers free Amazon Prime memberships and access to thousands of services, including free shipping.

Amazon says it is partnering with to provide “green Dot” products in its retail stores and other online retail stores in India.

This is Amazon’s first official partnership with Amazon Prime, and Amazon said the partnership is in line with its commitment to giving “innovative products that will serve our customers.”

In its initial announcement, Amazon said it was partnering with “green-dot bank” to enable small businesses to access services, and that the bank would be able to offer the services to a wider customer base.

It said the bank will be open to new and existing customers in India who want to make a payment.

Amazon said that it will provide access to products such as free shipping and tax refund processing, and will also help small businesses and customers save money by offering discounts and discounts on Amazon products.

“This is a great opportunity for small businesses in India to get access to Amazon’s high-end services, services that we think are really important to the Indian market,” Amazon Prime spokesperson Karan Gopal told The Wall Street Journal.

Amazon will open its first Green Dot branch in New Delhi on Monday.

The Amazon bank will work with small and large businesses in rural India to help them open their own bank accounts, and offer services to customers in other parts of the country, Prime said.

The Amazon bank was set up with the help of the National Rural Banks’ (NRBs) in rural areas.

It has so far received more than 8,500 submissions from businesses and households, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said.

India has the third-highest number of rural households with nearly one in four households living in rural regions, according to the government.

The NRBs said in a statement that they were pleased with the Prime Bank’s “ambitious approach to opening a bank to the rural poor and empower them to avail of services at the lowest cost.”