Elizabeth Banks will join Google as its first female head of its online banking group, a major milestone in the tech company’s journey towards gender equality.

Banks, the first woman to lead Google, will serve as president of its parent company Alphabet, the tech giant’s parent company, which oversees the Internet giant’s search engine, mobile and other services.

Backs Banks, who served as chief technology officer for Alphabet for 15 years, is also joining Google’s board of directors.

“It’s an honor to join Google, which has made a major contribution to advancing the rights and opportunities of women and girls, women and underrepresented groups, in a way that’s never been done before,” Banks said in a statement.

“We will continue to invest in building technology and engineering to make sure women are included in every aspect of our business, including the way we manage money.”

Google, which is based in Mountain View, California, is a division of Alphabet, which operates Google, YouTube, Gmail, Google+ and YouTube Search.

It was created in 2002 to make the Internet faster and more accessible.

Bonds, who has led Google’s search business for 13 years, will become the company’s first woman as president, joining other prominent women in tech.

Bond, who grew up in Chicago and was raised in Pennsylvania, was previously the CEO of AOL.

She is also the daughter of billionaire founder Larry Page.

“In her role as Google’s first female CEO, Elizabeth Banks brings an unparalleled vision and leadership that is a direct reflection of her commitment to women in technology and innovation,” Larry Page said in the statement.

“She will bring to the company a deep understanding of women in the industry, as well as a unique ability to motivate, inspire and lead.”

Google’s chief executive officer, Sundar Pichai, is expected to announce the news later this week.

Google is a leader in the field of online advertising, and has been credited with creating one of the world’s most popular ad platforms for online marketing.

Google has been pushing for more women in its top management positions, including in its search and advertising divisions.

The company has also seen strong performance from female executives at other tech companies, including Facebook.

Bridges will join a Google team that has included a diverse mix of people of color, women in engineering and women in leadership roles.

It will also include the hiring of former executives of the Facebook search giant.

Bets and Banks are expected to spend time in San Francisco and will be part of the company for a period of three years.

She also will help oversee the search engine’s search advertising unit.

Betts was appointed as Google Vice President of Communications and Head of the Search Engine Lab in November 2016.

She previously served as CEO of Yahoo for eight years, and was the first female director of Google’s Search Business division, responsible for the companys search product.