Bank of Colorado, CIBC Bank to close locations after investigation of $2M bribery

Chase and CIBC are closing more than 300 locations across the country after an investigation by the FBI, according to the Wall Street Journal.The announcement came hours after The Associated Press reported that an investigation of bank officials led by the Justice Department found the bank accepted bribes and kickbacks to help secure loans.The Justice […]

How did the first bank become the world’s largest in 18 months?

In January 1882, the first major bank was established in London by British bankers, and it was the first of many banks to open in the UK, following the Great Crash of 1873.In its first two years, London’s first branch opened in January 1885 and the Bank of England opened its first branch in December […]

How to use a coin toss to get the most from a coin flip

A coin toss can be the most powerful way to score a win in a coin game, and in this article, we’ll show you how to do just that.First, let’s get into what a coin is.A coin is a metal object that is placed on a piece of metal and struck to form a coin.A […]

How to fight the US bank surveillance campaign

A bank’s surveillance capabilities have been extended to the home.This month, the US House of Representatives passed a bill to prohibit the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) from requiring a bank to monitor the online banking activity of its customers.It was a key legislative achievement, but it will need to be ratified by the Senate […]

How to get a free ride in Fargo’s gas stations

A few hours after she walked into a Wells Fargo bank, a man stepped out of a car and offered to give her a ride home.He’d been waiting for her since she got home from work the night before.“It was kind of creepy.I don’t know if he wanted me to say anything, but I wasn’t […]

How to get a free ARvest Bank Holiday (or any other free bank holiday)

I’ve just been lucky enough to get my hands on a free bank Holiday card for my bank account this morning.As I said in my previous article, I had to wait until Monday to get this card, so it wasn’t a perfect storm.But the good news is that I was able to get one in […]

How to Get the Best Rental Rates on Five-Star Banks

There are many ways to get the best rates on Five Star Banks.Some banks are a bit more flexible with their rates, and some are a little less.The problem with a flexible bank is that it often means less of the lowest-cost bank is available.For example, there is a 5 Star Bank in the Dallas/Fort […]

‘We will never lose’ to new PNC online banking service

On Monday evening, the online banking giant announced that it would be introducing its PNC Online Banking service in the UK, the US and Canada.PNC has previously said that it intends to open its online banking in Europe and the Americas as well as Asia by the end of the year.The launch of the service […]

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