Suntrust online bank app has been accused of having a massive privacy breach that it has not been able to fix, despite a warning from regulators.

Read moreSuntrust online service provider has been ordered to stop using a feature that lets users set their banking account password to the email address of their choice, and a report in The Sun says the feature could allow attackers to gain access to a user’s account.

Suntrust has said that it is taking steps to address the problem and is working with its customer service team to fix the issue, which has not yet been confirmed.

The Sun also said that an internal audit of the company’s mobile app has found that a new feature is being used by hackers to gain entry into a user account.

The security vulnerability was discovered on Wednesday and has not made it into the official version of the app, which was released last week, according to a statement issued by Suntrust.

Suntrust said in the statement that the feature allows attackers to “execute arbitrary commands against the account without the user’s knowledge or consent”.

The feature is intended to allow users to set the email password for their online banking account and to enable a secure login process when they log in.

In a blog post, Suntrust CEO John Stowe said that the company was “investigating a security breach affecting Suntrust customers” and that it had made “significant changes to address this issue”.

He also said the company would work with regulators to address its security problems and had already fixed them.

SunTrust is not the only online bank that has been affected by a privacy breach.

A week ago, The Telegraph reported that a breach at Bank of America, which is one of the largest US online banks, resulted in the theft of customer credit card numbers and passwords.

Bank of American is currently under investigation by US regulators, including a criminal investigation by the Federal Trade Commission.

Bank of America said it was taking the security breach “very seriously”.

In a statement, Bank of Americans said: “Our commitment to customers is to maintain and improve customer security.

We have taken steps to secure all of our customers’ accounts and we are taking additional steps to protect them from identity theft.””

We are also investigating a security vulnerability affecting Bank of Americas customer accounts,” the bank said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.