Bank of American has updated its mobile app to make it easier to use the bank’s ATMs.

According to the bank, the new mobile app includes new features like bank login and account verification.

The bank also added a number of new features to the mobile app, such as a new ‘Get Money Now’ option, which will allow users to get money from their bank account when they log in to the app.

Bank of Americans said the new feature will only work with customers with an existing bank account.

“You can now choose to use a new account number to make your first deposit or use a different bank account number if you have a new bank account,” Bank of Americas said in a blog post.

“You can also choose to get cash or an immediate debit.”

Users can also check the amount of money they have available at their bank using the new bank login.

Users can choose from four categories of accounts, including: personal, checking, savings, and retirement.

Users can also change their bank login settings to make sure they’re using the same bank account or a different account.

The Bank of Americans mobile app also includes a new cash option, as well as a ‘Get Cash Now’ section.

Users also have access to their bank accounts at the bank from their phones.

Users will also be able to create a new debit card and make a payment, as long as they have a credit card or are on a credit cards debit card.