Synovos Bank has launched an online safety campaign to warn customers about the potential swindle it faces.

In an announcement made yesterday, the bank said it is introducing a new feature that enables customers to report potential swindles using a “Report a Swindle” page.

The feature will be available in the US, UK and Ireland from the beginning of April.

It said customers can report any of the following swindled transactions:Synovos said it has identified a number of people involved in this type of activity, including online merchants, account holders and account managers.

Synovuses said these people have not yet been identified by the bank.

Synovus has said it will share more details about the report a swindle feature in the coming weeks. 

Read moreThe bank said this will include an email notification to the user if they have not reported a swindle to the bank within 48 hours.

In addition, Synovs platform will allow customers to have their transactions and their information reported on a single page so that no more than one account can be linked to a single swindle.

It added that the system is intended to provide greater transparency for consumers, to make reporting of a scam easier, and to increase the risk to banks.