More than $2 trillion in financial products and services are now available to consumers, but those are the ones that the NFL is looking to take advantage of, according to a top executive with the league.

The NFL’s financial services division, which includes banking and consumer services, is looking at creating an entire online store that would allow fans to buy and sell products and merchandise, and that could be rolled out to its 25 clubs, including the Dallas Cowboys.

The goal, NFL CEO Troy Vincent said, is to provide a seamless experience for fans.

“We have to be prepared to support and develop products that are tailored to the needs of fans and businesses, and I think the NFLPA has the potential to make a real difference in that area,” Vincent said in an interview Thursday.

The concept is being discussed with several big companies that have a presence in the NFL, including Wells Fargo and Target.

The NFLPA is not part of those discussions, and Vincent said he is still working out what the business model will look like and what kind of revenue it will generate.

“This is going to be the new normal for our game,” Vincent told reporters at a news conference.

“It’s about finding new ways to get the fans, businesses and consumers back into the game.

We want to be ready to do that and do it well.”

The NFL has struggled with revenue growth in recent years, especially with fans leaving stadiums to join the NFL.

The league is still one of the biggest in the country, with revenue at $7.9 billion last year, but it is in the midst of a $25 billion capital spending plan.

The financial services arm of the league has long struggled to keep up with demand, especially for digital products and products for consumer banking, such as debit cards and checking accounts.

But the NFL recently introduced new technology to provide customers with more convenient access to financial products, including checking accounts and gift cards.

The digital products are meant to be more convenient, but the NFL hopes that the digital store could help draw more fans to the game, even as it has struggled to grow its fan base.

The league has struggled for years to get its fanbase back on track, which has helped create a new and more competitive league that is losing fans in the millions each year.

The number of players on the roster has dropped to about 11,000 from 17,000 during the 2015 season.

The Cowboys have struggled to fill their roster, and the lack of a clear, well-established identity has caused a rift in the team.

But Vincent said the digital team would help keep the team and its fans on track.

“The new digital approach will give us more opportunities to reach the fans in a way that we can’t without the digital platform,” Vincent added.

“I think that we are in a position now where we can create a brand new marketplace.

It’s really going to have to happen on the ground.”

Vincent said the NFL wants to create a marketplace that can compete with other brands, and it is looking for new ways for players and their agents to access the marketplace.

The new platform will help the league create a “worldwide platform that allows consumers to create their own business,” Vincent explained.

The financial services team will have access to “all of the platforms,” including financial advisors and payment systems, but they will be allowed to create and manage their own products.

“When we do our first financial services platform, we want to do it right,” Vincent noted.

“The way that this has been built, it is a little bit of a trial run, but I think we have a really good chance to take it to the next level.”