5th, the fourth largest bank, announced on Wednesday it is joining the Chinese central bank, the Bank of China.

The announcement came two days after the bank joined the newly-formed National Bank of Vietnam.

5th will become the second bank to join the Chinese bank, joining Bank of Korea.

5 th is the second-largest bank in China, after China Unicom, with 1.1 trillion yuan ($150 billion) in assets.

The bank will join the National Bank on November 18, 2018.

5 hn is the fourth-largest Chinese bank by assets, behind the China Unicos, the National Commercial Bank of Beijing and Bank of Shanghai.

5 dp is the fifth-largest in China by assets behind the Bank Of America, Bank of Tokyo and Sichuan Bank.

5 tt is the sixth-largest banks in China.

In September, 5 th announced that it would join the newly formed National Bank Of Vietnam, after its parent, the China Development Bank, agreed to join.

5 bn is China’s second largest, behind China Unicoms, the national bank of the country.

5 ld is the largest Chinese bank in Africa, with a market cap of nearly $100 billion.

5 aa is China National Petroleum Company.

5 ei is the world’s second-biggest bank by market cap, after the United States Federal Reserve.

5 ij is the number one bank in Asia.

5 ji is China Interbank Offered Rate (CIOR), the benchmark for global rates.

5 kd is a leading Chinese credit card issuer, which is part of the China National Offered Yuan (CNAPY).

5 lw is China Unicast, a digital content delivery network.

5 oa is the bank’s third-largest trading company, with assets of over $500 billion.5 fh is China Construction Bank.5 gd is China Food Bank of the World.5 jt is China Tsinghua University.

5 mw is a Chinese telecommunications company.5 nh is the top-ranked Chinese bank.5 pf is the first-largest Swiss bank.

5 qe is the seventh-largest credit card company in the United Kingdom.5 rd is an investment bank.