By Michael Krieger/UPI | May 11, 2018 10:39:03When it comes to the NFL’s futures, Santander is one of the big dogs.

And when it comes down to betting on the Chicago Bears’ upcoming home opener, the bank might be the biggest one on the block.

A new poll shows the bank has the biggest bet in Chicago on the Bears, at 5.9%, followed by JPMorgan Chase at 3.4%, Bank of America at 2.4% and Citigroup at 2%.

That means, as we noted in our latest sports betting update, Santadept’s odds on the game are a solid 12-1.

In terms of actual football betting odds, Santader has a 3.1% chance of winning.

That’s not bad for a bank with a long history of being the biggest sports better on Wall Street.

The other two banks, Citigroup and Bank of Americas, have slightly lower odds of winning the game.

The odds on Sunday are projected to be slightly higher than the actual odds of win by the Chicago Bulls.

That could mean the Bulls’ chances of winning are closer to 9% to 3%.

In fact, as of Thursday morning, Santada had the largest daily spread on Wall St. as of 11:55 a.m.


It was up over 5% on Thursday and is up almost 6% so far this week.

Here are some other ways to bet on the Bulls game:The Chicago Bulls are expected to open at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

The NFL is playing Sunday, but the game will be broadcast live on CBS.