The Sunflowers banking relationship with the Bahamas is being reviewed following an audit of the company’s routing number.

A Globe and Mail investigation found the Sunflower bank had used a routing number that did not match that of the Bahamas bank it served.

The bank used the same number for two other Bahamas banks.

The Sun Flower bank is part of the Sunflower family of banks.

A Sunflower spokesman said the bank would cooperate with the investigation.

The company has not responded to requests for comment.

The audit also found Sunflower failed to provide sufficient documentation to verify the bank’s account number.

The account number, which is the only way to access a Sunflower account, was incorrect for more than one Sunflower branch.

The errors were reported by Sunflower customers in 2016.

In 2018, the Sun Flower branch was closed.

Sunflower’s website now lists an account number that matches that of another bank.

The Bank of the Americas branch, which Sunflower has not yet closed, also has an account with Sunflower, but has a routing code that matches the Sun Flowers.

The Globe and Post is also exploring a Sunflowing investigation.

Sunflow was founded in 2004 by Eliza Banks, an entrepreneur and former adviser to former prime minister Justin Trudeau.

She was appointed CEO in 2018.

Sun Flower said it would pay $6.9 million in damages, $3 million in legal fees and $3.9 billion in penalties.

The Federal Trade Commission is also looking into the matter.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, an advocacy group, said the SunFlowers case highlights how the Canadian banking industry is “not doing enough to make sure its customers are protected.”

Banks are required to report routing numbers to the CRA.

Banks are also required to provide customer information on their online banking sites to CRA.

The agency said it has begun a process to notify banks of the errors.

The federal government said in a statement that the CRA is investigating Sunflower.