A new survey by Bank of Canada has found that while Canadians like their banks to be flexible, a large portion of Canadians don’t always get what they want.

Bank of Montreal president and CEO David Johnston said that while there are “a lot of good reasons” for this, he would like to see banks provide more options for Canadians to get things done in their lives.

Johnston also said that the bank has seen “a great increase in consumer spending” and he expects the same trend to continue.

He said there are more opportunities for Canadians in the banking industry.

“There are a lot of exciting opportunities and we’re going to keep pushing forward to make them available to Canadians,” Johnston said.

Bank spokeswoman Stephanie Davenport said the survey was based on bank hours across Canada.

Johnston said he is pleased that Bank of Quebec, BMO, CIBC, TD, U.S. Bank and BMOF were all surveyed, but he also said they are only a part of the bank’s work.

“We work hard with each of those banks and each of them has its own processes that it does to support those programs that are available for Canadians,” he said.

“As for the other banks, we have to take a look at how they are performing as well.”

Johnston also noted that he is working with the federal and provincial governments to find solutions to some of the issues facing Canadians.

He pointed to the recent increase in the number of Canadians who are being denied benefits for medical reasons and the fact that a number of provinces have taken steps to provide more information to help people in crisis.

Johnston acknowledged that there are some things that Canadians are unhappy with in the bank system.

“You have a small percentage of people that don’t like the way they are being treated,” he noted.

“But we need to work through that.”

Johnston said his bank is looking to work with its customers to help ensure that they have the best possible service experience.