I lost about £1200 on a piggy account when my bank stopped sending payments to it.

I rang the piggy and asked how much money it had been sending me.

So, we don’t have any.””

The bank has not received any money.

So, we don’t have any.”

I asked: “Why?”

They said: “Because the pig’s got a bit of a problem with its bank.”

I told them: “The pig has been dead for about a month.

I thought I’d lost all my money.

It has been sitting on the bank’s balance sheet for a month now.”

The piggy’s bank account was still active, however, and I asked: “What happened to the money?”

They told me: “It’s gone.

It has been gone for months now.

We don’t know how much it has been missing.”

They told me it was going to be returned to me in a couple of weeks.

They said the pig had a bad case of pneumonia and they were going to give me the money back if I could make a payment.

They said it would take them about three weeks to get back all the money.

I called the pig and explained that I didn’t want it to go, but they wouldn’t give me a full refund.

I told them they should call me back.

The next day I was told that the pig was gone and that they would be sending me a cheque for the money that they had been given.

A week later I was contacted by a man in Scotland who said he was going through a similar situation.

He told me he had lost his piggy fund, and he had been told by the pig to call me to come back and give it back.

He said: He had been a regular customer of my pig, and every time he sent a pig to me he received a £10,000 cheque from the pig.

He had been trying to get a refund for some time, but had not been able to.

He thought he had made a bad mistake.

What’s more, he had tried to get in touch with the pig through the pigbank website but he was told the pig couldn’t be reached.

He said he had contacted the pig bank but they had not replied.

That same day, I received a call from the bank saying that the account had been closed due to the pig being sick and needed to be replaced.

I phoned the pig at the pigfarm and explained to them the situation.

The pig replied that they were trying to contact me, but could not.

When I told the bank that I was having trouble getting a refund from the pork bank, they told me they had to give my bank the money and it was out of their hands.

After contacting the pig, I spoke to a manager at the bank who told me that they have been contacted by the UK pig industry, which has put up a “fraud alert” page on the pig website.

As of this afternoon, there are more than 6,000 pig farms in the UK, with up to 30,000 pigs employed.

However, the UK Pig Council, the trade body for UK pig farmers, said:  “The pig is the UK’s largest export animal and has been a leading contributor to the UK economy since the 1950s.

We are concerned that some of our pig farms are being affected by this incident and we have urged them to get on with their business and get back to us as soon as possible.”